Bill comes from a family of talented and creative artisans. At a very young age being around tools, wood and metal was a wondrous place to be.

Apprenticeship training in woodworking led him to work with various companies building homes all over Vancouver Island B.C and Alberta. 

Taught in the old school way of mastering all disciplines led him to being a craftsman in woodworking, framing, tiling, drywalling, painting, timber framing and various other skillsets.

This background provided the foundation to having a very successful Building Contracting Business.  

An outdoor fanatic since childhood, Bill read every book he could find about outdoor living and survival and put those skills to good use. He is also passionate about being self-reliant in any situation.

Being fortunate to have lived and worked all over British Columbia has led to careers including Commercial Diving off the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Helicopter Logging, Heli-Tack Firefighting and driving Snowplow in the Rocky Mountains in the daed of winter.

 Jumping out of helicopters and falling burning trees in the Rocky, Caribou and Monashee Mountain Ranges of British Columbia was a regular occurrence.

 Constantly learning and growing in all areas is extremely important to Bill. Hobbies include scuba diving, surfing, backcountry skiing, wakeboarding, construction, mechanics, rural living, home design and skydiving, etc.

Bill also has a variety of other businesses he is working on such as " Smart Country Living" which is going to be about Rural Living and " The Super Survivalist" that will be focused on preparation, survival and self sufficiency.

Whatever project you have in mind Bill has the skills and talent to take your project to the next level.