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We’ve heard them all, from exceeded deadlines to abandoned projects. In our 40 years of experience we’ve only had successful projects. Our secret? Hard, passionate work, unparalleled work ethic and customer satisfaction. 

Our Services

 I am passionate about building and renovating. There are many moving parts in any project that need to be planned and followed. I love to build & create and my goal is to help clients achieve the completed dream project they envisioned.  


Come inside to browse through a collection of kitchens and bathrooms. Also built-ins, living and dining rooms.


Inside you will find cabins, timber frame and outdoor projects. Docks to decks and everything in between.


A collection of suites in basements, carriage houses, condo's and carports. Lots of great ideas for your next project.

Featured Posts

Farm House Stool

This is a classic Farmhouse stool that I recently built. More furniture pieces to come.

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Tool Reviews

I will be reviewing a variety of different tools soon. Stay tuned

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Christmas Village

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. We always spend lots of time building the Christmas village. Our grandkids are at the perfect height to stand and look into all of the buildings with a sense of wonder.

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Why Choose Us?

Always on Time

Punctual, never late and on time is our trademark and the way we always do business.

Great Experience

We strive to make the building process fun and exciting. Working together to create the perfect project.

Highly Skilled

With over 40 years of construction experience we have the skills needed to get the job done. 

What Our Happy Customers Have to Say...

Bill was a pleasure to work with and we are delighted with the transformation of our carport into a bright and inviting living space. Throughout the process we appreciated Bill’s advice, reliability, professional workmanship, and willingness to adapt the project along the way. Bill frequently checked-in with us to ensure that we knew where things were at and patiently responded to our questions and concerns. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bill to friends – in fact I already have! "



"Just thought we would send you an email before your arrival tomorrow to thank you for the great job on the new floor in the den.  If this was new construction we wouldn’t need moldings – you’ve done such a great job filling the space that the only reason for base moldings (other than decorative) is to hide the work done previously.  And to come home to a freshly vacuumed floor!


It’s a real pleasure to see the results of work done by a craftsman.


Rick & Colleen.K

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Jane Stilton

Sales Manager

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